Start a Group

All student organizations must register to become an officially recognized group at Northwestern Michigan College. Information provided through the registration process enables the Student Life office to maintain communication with organizations and provide services to and for student organizations. The Student Life office is located in the Osterlin Building in Room O152.

In order to register or renew your organization, you must first secure an advisor. Any full or part-time staff or faculty person of NMC may serve as an advisor. Once you have an advisor, you may complete the Student Group Application Form.

This form is to be turned in to the Student Life office, which in turn will submit to the Vice President for Educational Services for approval. Once this is completed, you and your advisor will be notified by the Student Activities Office of the decision. Student groups must be open to all NMC students for participation. Please consult the Policy Manual at NMC (D-111.01) for a detailed description of the appointment of Advisors for Student Organizations.

This approval will be in effect for the current academic year. Each fall semester your organization will be asked to update your contact information and advisor information by completing the Student Group Application Form.

If there are changes in the contact information and/or a change in advisors, please complete the update form at that time.

Benefits of Becoming A Registered Group On Campus

Registered student groups are eligible for the following privileges:

  • Access to the use of facilities and outdoor space for activities and meetings, based on availability, request and approval
  • Eligibility to sponsor events on campus
  • Access to advertising and promotion of events via the campus monitor system, news releases, publications in print and on the web and posting on bulletin boards throughout campus
  • Limited use of equipment in the Student Life office, i.e. fax, copier, etc. (for details contact the Student Life office)
  • Eligibility for funding assistance through Student Government Association and the Student Incubation Fund