NMC Magazine


The NMC Magazine is an award-winning student-run literary magazine showcasing creative work from our campus community. For over 40 years, the design and literary staffs have produced an issue during fall and spring semesters, many of which have explored unique themes and/or diverse mediums for presenting the submissions. Anyone with an interest in writing or design may join staff at the beginning of each semester, and those students who are on staff automatically have pieces published in that semester's issue. Past student staff members have used their experience on staff on their resumes and the magazine itself in their portfolios for job opportunities beyond NMC. Additionally, students who participate on either staff for an entire year are eligible to attend a conference paid for by the NMC Magazine. Anyone interested in joining staff should contact the appropriate adviser.

NMC Magazine back issues:

issuu.com/nmc_magazine (opens in a new window)


Student Contact: Student editors change each semester.

Email: nmcmag@mail.nmc.edu
Website: nmc.edu/nmcmagazine

Office is located in the basement of Scholars Hall.

Submission details and forms available at these campus locations: Magazine Office (Scholars Hall 28), Humanities Office (Fine Arts), Writing & Reading Center and Communications Office (both in Scholars Hall)

Adds staff members each semester. Open to any student with an interest in writing or basic knowledge of graphic design. Contact advisors if interested in joining.

Faculty Advisors: