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What Is Possible?

Possible is the difference between just keeping up and rising to the top. Possible creates opportunities and turns them into reality. You were invited to Be What’s Possible for NMC. And you answered.

With your participation in NMC’s first comprehensive campaign, your support ensured that more students will pursue their dreams, more leaders will innovate, and more knowledge will be shared. Your support enables NMC to provide the educational opportunities that change lives. Through NMC, you are an economic driver in our region. You are solving emerging problems and preparing for future challenges.

For decades, donors and community members have made so much possible at NMC. Together, we built on our past so that students of today and tomorrow can succeed. During the Be What's Possible campaign:

  • Over 5,200 of you donated to NMC over the last five years.
  • You gave $4.1 million to the Fund for NMC, supporting the most immediate needs of the college and our students.
  • You created 64 new scholarships which, when fully realized, will generate 320 $1,000 scholarships annually.
  • You launched 13 new funds to support individual programs, with total given of nearly $7 million.
  • You increased support for existing scholarships and programs funds by $9.6 million and $4 million respectively.
  • You supported the expansion and renovation of two amazing buildings, The Dennos Museum Center and the Innovation Center.
  • You charted a new path forward for NMC, with one of the largest campaigns ever undertaken by a single community college.
  • You helped raise $40.3 million dollars, far exceeding the goal of $35 million.

Together, You Made So Much Possible!

Thank You and Congratulations!

Thank you

Thank You

You shared stories and inspiration. You shared your belief in education and philanthropy. Through the Be What’s Possible campaign, you demonstrated your appreciation and dedication, honoring a family member in your giving, or a department where you began your college journey. You celebrated things that have impacted your life—a medical experience, a love for food or flight, or an appreciation of our Great Lakes and their impact on our entire community. The comprehensive nature of the Be What’s Possible campaign meant that you—our donors and friends—were able to partner your interests with your philanthropy, by showing your support for NMC and our community in unprecedented ways. Thank you for your support.

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Your Impact

What You Made Possible - Scholarships & The Fund for NMC

Students are the center of everything we do at NMC and this was the core of the Be What’s Possible campaign. Your support created numerous new scholarship funds, and each year, more students will have opportunities at NMC that they wouldn't otherwise have had. Sharing their gratitude and thanks, students consistently express how critical it is to receive scholarship support. Many NMC students balance the expectations of going to school with working and caring for others. Though scholarships help a great deal, sometimes additional support is needed and this became especially clear through the pandemic. From working on the front lines, to dealing with business shut-downs and childcare issues, NMC students faced huge challenges, all while trying to stay in school. You made it possible to support students with books, housing, and other necessities while supporting the greatest needs of the college with your gifts to The Fund for NMC. NMC students are grateful to every donor who supports the college and they look forward to a time when they will be able to pay it forward.

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Your Impact

What You Made Possible - Facilities and Program Support

An expanded Dennos Museum Center. The Innovation Center. New initiatives and the growth of many programs throughout the college. This is what you helped build through the Be What’s Possible campaign. Your support helped create two amazing facilities during the campaign. Beginning with the dramatic expansion of the Dennos Museum Center and celebrating the opening of the energizing Innovation Center, NMC propelled forward, with facilities to meet the needs of students and our community, now and into the future. Your program support made education possible for our veterans, for single parents, and for many others. You made innovation possible, for our students and for our whole community.

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