Self-Service Login Help

​NMC Password Help

  • If you've recently used: the computers on campus, the online library databases, or the student email system, use the same password you used to log in to these systems.
  • If you don't know your NMC password or never used the services mentioned above:
    When you are admitted, you receive a letter in the mail from Northwestern Michigan College, informing you of your initial randomized password. Your NMC ID will not be included in your password letter. This random password will be a one-time use password.
    • For security purposes, you will be required to change your one-time use password when you first log in to an NMC ID service.
    • You will not be able to reuse the same NMC password.
    • When you change your NMC password, it changes for all NMC ID Services: the on-campus computer login, the Self-Service login, the online library databases, and the student email system, and Moodle
  • If you still can't log in:

​Recommended Web Browsers

  • Google ChromePREFERRED. Recommended for Google Apps, e.g., Gmail, Google calendars, etc. and if the preferred browser for accessing NMC services. As of 2011, Chrome comes installed on all new and rebuilt computers. To check for updates, open the Chrome menu, select "Help", then "About Google Chrome" to update to the latest version.
  • Mozilla Firefox — Recommended for general use, and for eLearning (Moodle). If an application is not working in Chrome, Firefox is a great place to try and replicate the issue, as sometimes an application will run in Firefox even if it temporarily won't in Chrome (and vice versa). Previous versions should be removed or upgraded. If the update process is not automated, open the FF menu, select "Help" at the bottom, then "About Firefox". This triggers a search for updates.

Other supported browsers

  • Safari — Safari is the native browser on Apple devices and may be found on campus Macs. While Safari works for many NMC applications, there can be complications. We recommend downloading Chrome or Firefox on your personal Apple device to use for NMC access and to use Chrome when available.
  • Edge — Edge is Microsoft's native browser and is found on all computers running Windows, including those on campus. While Microsoft considers it to be their recommended browser, we still encourage the use of the browsers listed under the "Recommend web browsers" section for accessing NMC services.

Non-Supported Browsers

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) — All versions of Internet Explorer are now considered deprecated. We do not recommend using IE for any NMC applications at this time.