Center for Instructional Excellence

Mission Statement

The Center for Instructional Excellence supports student learning by encouraging faculty-driven initiatives, promoting development of faculty knowledge, and recognizing the achievement of excellence.

About CIE

The Center for Instructional Excellence is run by an advisory board made up of faculty, student-facing staff, an office manager, and a part-time faculty director who reports to the Vice President for Educational Services. CIE responsibilities include the following:

  • administering conference and training funding for full-time and adjunct faculty;
  • presenting a variety of in-house professional development programs;
  • overseeing faculty sabbaticals; and
  • facilitating the Faculty Excellence Awards.

CIE partners with our Educational Technology department in the Center for Teaching and Learning. CIE also works with the NMC Library and the Professional Development Institute (staff PD).

For more information, visit the Center for Teaching and Learning website.

Imogene Wise Faculty Excellence Award

Nick Roster2023 Recipient:
Nick Roster

Student nominators said of Roster, a biology instructor, “His exams are innovative and involve applying our knowledge to real case studies and real- world situations rather than just regurgitating facts.” “He always ensures that his students fully understand the content they are studying. He adds his own personal podcasts on Moodle to help explain content even further.”

Adjunct Faculty Excellence Award

Sarah Montgomery-Richards 2023 Adjunct Faculty Excellence2023 Recipient:
Sarah Montgomery- Richards

Student nominators said of Montgomery-Richards, a philosophy instructor, “In a class of 30 students, she makes it feel 1 on 1.” "Sarah is just so clearly passionate about teaching the subject matter that you can’t help feeling that same passion for that as well.”