Center for Instructional Excellence

The Center for Instructional Excellence supports student learning by encouraging faculty-driven initiatives, promoting development of faculty knowledge, and recognizing the achievement of excellence.

Professional development

Each year the Center for Instructional Excellence hosts three days of Professional Development sessions open to all faculty. The first Professional Development Day takes place on the afternoon of Opening Conference in September. In October, there is a full day of sessions at the mid-semester break. The third Day takes place on the afternoon of Mid-Year Conference in January.

Friday Forums

Friday Forums are presentations over the lunch hour, which give faculty a chance to share new methods and discoveries with each other in a less formal atmosphere than a Professional Development Day. There are three Forums scheduled each semester and lunch is always provided..

Professional Development Days

In order to maintain a networked and knowledgeable workforce at NMC, faculty will often attend conferences, off-site meetings or otherwise address their goals through professional development. CIE has a budget for reimbursing full-time faculty members who take advantage of these opportunities with department approval. Adjunct faculty are also eligible for $800 stipends towards their professional development.

20 Minute Mentor Series

New in 2013, CIE has purchased a subscription to Magna Publications series “20 Minute Mentor.” Three times each semester, a CIE Advisory Board member will host faculty in an active learning classroom on campus to watch a “20 Minute Mentor” video and facilitate discussion. Coffee is provided and faculty can bring snacks to share if they choose. The atmosphere is casual and gives faculty an opportunity for lively and engaging conversation.

Reading Groups (CIE, Global Lit)

At Opening Conference in September, CIE distributes a chosen book to faculty who are interested in joining a discussion group during the October Professional Development Day. CIE also co-sponsors the Global Literature Reading Group hosted by the NMC Library and subsidizes the purchase of Global Lit books.


CIE maintains a list of links to conferences that faculty have attended in the past, and a review system for attendees to provide reviews of conferences they've attended.

CIE Resource Library

CIE maintains a section of books and resources within the NMC Library for faculty use.

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Imogene Wise Faculty Excellence Award

Betsy Boris2022 Recipient:
Betsy Boris

Betsy is a nursing instructor in the Health Occupations academic area. Comments from students about Boris included: 

  • Betsy goes above and beyond just teaching. She cares about each student and understands the anxiety we all face.
  • She does an amazing job explaining concepts and providing examples of real-world practical application.
  • She is very responsive to inquiries and invests time in helping students identify solutions to issues.

Adjunct Faculty Excellence Award

Cary Godwin2022 Recipient:
Cary Godwin

Cary is an adjunct instructor for the Great Lakes Maritime Academy. Comments from students about Godwin included:

  • Commander Godwin’s teaching methods are an excellent example of his dedication to student learning. The school is very lucky to have him.
  • He builds a trust with his students that allows us to learn by trying, failing, and trying again because we know Commander Godwin has our back.