About Self-Service

What's in NMC Self-Service?

Depending on who you are, you will be able to get at different information through the Login link.

For Students: NMC Self-Service provides access to student information and allows them to register through a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.). Students can:

  • register/drop/add courses
  • view their schedule
  • view their tuition and fees
  • pay for tuition and fees with a credit card
  • view holds
  • view address information
  • look and print at non-official transcripts
  • run a degree evaluation to see their progress towards receiving a degree or certificate
  • change their NMC Password
  • view their semester grades
  • print Enrollment Verifications that can be forwarded to a health insurer, housing provider, credit issuer, or other student services providers as proof of enrollment at NMC

For Employees: NMC employees (including student employees) can use NMC Self-Service to view their pay information (including direct deposit) and leave information, deductions, and tax withholding. Employees also have access to their Personal Information. This includes the ability to: view address information, change their NMC Office address(es) and phone number(s), and view and update email address(es).

For Faculty: NMC Faculty can use NMC Self-Service to view their class lists (in several formats), and view their schedules. Faculty are required to enter grades using NMC Self-Service: there are four grading periods: Non-Attendance, Early Session, Grand Alert and Final. Faculty can also view student information: directory information, schedules, and transcripts, and email their students.

Who may use NMC Self-Service?

NMC Self-Service is currently available to NMC employees (Faculty and Staff) and anyone who has been admitted academically to NMC. The NMC ID and password are sent via regular mail upon admittance to NMC. This login grants immediate access to NMC Self-Service.

If you are having trouble logging in to NMC Self-Service with your NMC ID and Password, see the Password Information section below.

Note: Students will not be able to register or view their transcripts or grades if they have any “holds” (library, tuition, financial aid, advisor’s signature, etc.) on their account.

What is required to login to NMC Self-Service?

NMC synchronizes logins to the following NMC services:

  • The Novell network - The system you log into when you first turn on a NMC computer (classrooms, labs and offices).
  • NMC Self-Service – The web site where students register on-line, check grades and pay for classes, faculty enter grades and employees check their HR and Budget information.
  • Gmail – Our student, faculty and staff email system.
  • Moodle - Online class system

The 'synchronized” username for all these services is called the NMC ID. You will be required to enter your NMC ID and NMC Password to log in to NMC Self-Service. Current students and employees know the NMC ID and NMC Password as their current Novell network username and password.


If you are a current student or employee that uses on-campus computers or if you have accessed your email account, you already know your NMC ID! The NMC ID is the same username that you have been using for these services. If you do not know your NMC ID, you will need to call the Technology NMC Help Desk at (231) 995-3020 for assistance.

The NMC ID will also be printed on all correspondence (schedules, receipts, bills, etc) you receive from NMC.