Your Academic Library Liaison

A librarian assigned to your academic area is available to support your curriculum and teaching. A member of the Educational Media Technology team is also available to answer your questions and help access materials.

Business, Criminal Justice, Health Occupations, Law, Politics & Government, Technical Academic Area

Mary Beeker, (231) 995-1015,

Agriculture, Anthropology, Children's Literature, FINE ARTS & GRAPHIC DESIGN, Military Science, Philosophy & Religion

Joelle Hannert, (231) 995-1684,

Culinary, Physical Education

Amy Pflughoeft, (231) 995-1064,

Communications, English, Environmental Science, Geography, History, Music, Water Studies

Nicco Pandolfi, (231) 995-1065,

Aviation, Education, Humanities, Maritime, Psychology, Science & Mathematics, Sociology

Kerrey Woughter, (231) 995-1063,

Online Classes, Moodle And AudioVisual

Educational Technology Department, (231) 995-1070