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Now that you have learned more about yourself, it is time to explore careers and majors you think might fit. The more information you can gather about prospective majors and careers, the better decision you’ll be able to make. This page can help you learn more about:

  • Career options
  • Job trends
  • Majors
  • Related college degrees

Choosing A Career

To begin exploring careers, refer to the Self-Assessment section of your Focus 2 account. The “Combine Assessments” section will provide a list of careers that may fit based on your responses to the assessment questions. Click on the careers listed to learn more about them; including job descriptions, occupation growth rates and average salaries. For careers that grab your attention, use the Career Exploration Worksheet to gather characteristics you find appealing. This worksheet includes questions to consider as you’re comparing the careers you’ve listed. Also refer to “How Can I Investigate Career Options?” for other ideas that can help you to make a decision.

  • Other Resources To Help In Your Search [expand]

    • NMC Career Coach allows you to explore the job outlook for various careers and job postings in the local area, and find the level of education you'll need to be hired.
    • Occupational Outlook Handbook includes information on hundreds of occupations including job outlook, education and training, related occupations and salary ranges.
    • O*NET provides occupational information. A variety of search options are available including searching by keyword, industry and skill sets.

Choosing A Major

Now that you have more information about potential careers, you can begin looking at majors that will help you prepare for them. Refer to your MyPlan “Careers” tab to explore which majors might best prepare you for a specific career. You can also refer to the “Majors” tab to learn more about majors you’re interested in and what kinds of careers they might lead to.

  • Other Resources To Help In Your Search [expand]

    • NMC Programs – this page lists program descriptions for degrees and certificates offered at NMC.
    • College Board – The “Major and Career Search” section will help you identify majors related to your career of interest.

Meet With An NMC Academic And Career Advisor

As always, if you have questions or aren’t sure how to proceed in the exploration process, we are here to help. These are big questions and you aren’t expected to figure them out alone. Contact us for an appointment!

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