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NMC Soccer Club


To involve students in a group activity and learn teamwork. Established to unite soccer players of NMC and provide a fun, competitive environment to play soccer recreationally and competitively. The team is sponsored in part by NMC Student Government Association funds and much appreciated.


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Upcoming Meeting Times

TBD if Club is created for 2017-18

The NMC Soccer Club is like any other student organization, it needs student leaders and an NMC advisor. Students wishing to participate can contact the current student contact above or contact the NMC Student Life. The NMC Soccer Club is open to all NMC students, male/female and beginner, immediate or advance levels.

This is recreational drop-in soccer and open to all NMC students.

Soccer Club News

The club is open to all students (male or female) of all levels of soccer skills.

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