Installing Software from Software Center

Installing Software from Software Center


The directions here only apply to NMC-owned machines.  If you were directed here and you do NOT have an NMC-owned device, these instructions WILL NOT work for you.


On your NMC laptop/desktop, open up the Software Center.  This can be done in one of two ways:

  1. You can browse the Start menu for it by clicking on the Start button, and scrolling until you see it (figure 1)
  2. You can search for it by clicking on the Start button, clicking in the "Type here to search" box, typing in "Software Center", and clicking on the result (figure 2):
Figure 1
Figure 2


Once the Software Center opens, find and click on the software you want to install (figure 3).  For this example I will be installing the Yubico Authenticator, but swap that out for whatever software you're interested in.  After you've clicked on it, click the "Install" button (figure 4).

Figure 3
Figure 4


The application will then begin installing.  You'll know it's finished once the button reads "Uninstall" and the Status field below that reads "Installed" (figure 5).  Now close the Software Center, and when you click on the Start button, you will see that the application has now been installed (figure 6).

Figure 5
Figure 6


That's it!  The application is now installed and ready for use.