Advanced Placement Program (AP)

Credit for Advanced Placement may be granted to Northwestern Michigan College students who have participated in the College Entrance Examination Board Advanced Placement Program (AP) in their high school.

Students must first apply for AP classes and testing while in high school through a high school counselor.

Credits count toward graduation but grades are not applied nor are they computed in the Grade Point Average. AP credits are recorded as transfer-in credits on the student's permanent record. No more than 12 semester hours of AP credit may be granted in any one discipline.

How to apply

You should have NMC listed as a score recipient when taking the AP test. If the original score report was not sent to NMC, email Cindy Deemer in the Records & Registration office for more information about obtaining a score report. If you received an acceptable, pre-determined score for AP, the Registrar will notify you of advanced credit.

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