Waitlist Instructions

Waitlist Information

When a class reaches enrollment capacity, you may add your name to a waitlist through the registration process. Keep in mind that joining a waitlist does NOT guarantee registration in the class. You must satisfy all class prerequisites and be eligible to register before adding your name to a waitlist.

The waitlist process runs Monday through Sunday 24 hours per day including holidays (except for required upgrades and maintenance) throughout the online registration period.

Joining/Leaving a Class Waitlist

Students who wish to add their name to a waitlist for a closed class may do so through the registration process by selecting “Wait Listed” (to join) or “Remove” (to leave) through the registration process. If the waitlist is full, you will not be able to join unless someone leaves the waitlist.

View detailed registration instructions here.

Claiming a Seat in the Class

You will receive an email notification to your NMC email address when a seat becomes available. You will have 24 hours (from the time of notification) to register for the class. You will need to do this through the online registration process by changing from “Wait Listed” to “Registered-Web.” Note that if you registered for another section of the class as a backup plan, you will need to “Drop/Delete” that class first.

Things to Remember

If you are waitlisted for any class, it is very important that you check your NMC email at least once daily!

If you receive an email that a seat is available, you must go to NMC Self-Service and change from “Waitlisted” to “Registered-Web” BEFORE the deadline included in the email.

If you do not register for the class by the deadline, the system will automatically remove you from the waitlist. You can put yourself back on the waitlist at this point, but you will be added to the bottom of the list.

You will be permitted to waitlist for a class that meets at the same time as a class already on your schedule (causing a time conflict within your schedule). However, you will not be permitted to register for a class with conflicting times. Should a seat become available in the waitlisted class, you will have to resolve the time conflict before you can register for the class. This must all be resolved within the 24-hour notification period or the waitlisted seat will be awarded to the next person on the waitlist.

You can monitor your movement on the waitlist by viewing your Student Detail Schedule on NMC Self-Service.

Waitlisted classes are not counted in your total credits and therefore are not included in your financial aid eligibility.

If you have a hold on your account, you will not be permitted to join the waitlist or register for classes.