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Refunds for courses dropped are based on the number of weeks in the session that the course is offered. Students will receive a 100% refund for any course dropped by the day before the session begins.

COVID-19 Update

Refund requests for dropped courses: The refund date for the spring semester has already passed, but you can make a refund exception request using this form. We have streamlined the process and will not require additional documentation for COVID-19 related issues. You may submit your request at any time, but in order to process COVID-19 related refunds where aid is involved, we are waiting on guidance from the State of Michigan and Federal Student Aid.

Refund Policy

Session Length


1 day–6.5 weeks

No refunds once the session has begun.

7–15 weeks

100% refund until the end of the session's add period.

* Exceptions

See Register/Add/Drop/Refund dates page for exceptions.

For a listing of specific dates for each session, see Register/Add/Drop/Refund dates page.

Refunds for non-standard-length classes vary according to the length of the session. Refund percentage is determined by the date the withdrawal form is received in the Records and Registration Office, or the date the courses are dropped Online.

Exceptions include Independent Study, Service Learning, Aviation Flight, Self-Paced/Extended Registration, Applied Music-Private Lessons and Outdoor Pursuits courses.

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