Drop a Class

Sometimes a class that you've signed up for isn't the right fit or other priorities have come up.

It is important that you take action to protect your academic record and your student account if possible.

Do not stop going to class without taking action!

A simple call or email could prevent a poor grade point average or a balance due on your account.

Financial aid is often recalculated for stopped attendance which can result in a balance due.

Enrollment Services can help provide information for your decision: (231) 995-1035

We want you to be successful! If you need some help and resources to stay in your course, please contact our Student Success Center.

Otherwise, you can:

  • DROP a course within the first week (on average), please use this calendar for exact dates.
    • NMC will: Remove the course from your record and refund all of the tuition.
  • WITHDRAW from a course about ten days before it ends (please use the calendar as there are many different sessions).
    • NMC will: Enter a "W" as your final grade which will NOT calculate in your GPA. Tuition will remain on your account.

To Drop or Withdraw:

  • Log in to NMC Self-Service
  • Select the "Registration" Menu
  • Select "Register / Add / Drop classes"

Students on Financial Aid are advised that dropping classes will likely reduce and/or place financial assistance at risk. For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office. Students dropping all courses should see Withdrawing from College.