Drop a Class

Students who wish to drop classes can do so online. To drop classes online:

  • Login to NMC Self-Service with your NMC ID and password
  • Select "Registration Menu"
  • Select "Register/Add/Drop"
  • Drop your class or classes

If you are not able to drop your classes online, please email the Records Office at records@nmc.edu using your NMC email account.

Dates for dropping a class, including refund dates, are listed here.

During the Drop with Record period, you will receive a W grade. The W will not affect your GPA. If you do not drop before the final drop with record period, you will receive a grade in the class.

Students on Financial Aid are advised that dropping classes will likely reduce and/or place financial assistance at risk. For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office. Students dropping all courses should see Withdrawing from College.