Registration Information

You May Register Online If You:

  • Are a current NMC student taking academic classes and are not required to have an advisor's signature to register
  • Have previously attended NMC academic classes
  • Have not been suspended
  • Have no past-due financial balance on any account or any other holds such as library, housing, advisor
  • Have met prerequisite course requirements

How To Register Online

Helpful Reminders

  • Computers are available in the Records & Registration Office for you to transact NMC business.
  • You must read, understand and agree to the criteria outline in NMC's Payment Agreement.
  • If you have any "Holds" on your record (debts, advisor's signature required, probation, etc.), you will not be able to register online. From the Registration menu, select View your Holds.
  • For your protection, you must exit the web site and exit the browser when you have completed all transactions. This is especially important if you are sharing the computer with others.
  • You can register to audit a class in the Records & Registration Office.

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