A process of transition from one educational institution to another

Students at high schools and career tech centers have an opportunity to earn Northwestern Michigan College credit for competencies attained at the secondary schools.

Articulation Process

  • Student enrolls in a high school or career tech center in a class which has an articulation agreement with NMC.
  • Student finished the high school or career center class with a grade of B or better and achieves the required competencies to articulate the class.
  • Student applies and is enrolled at NMC.
  • Student downloads the Application for Articulation Credit form, fills out the student portion and obtains the secondary school teacher or tech center teacher signature of approval. The student or secondary school representative submits the form to the NMC Registrar.
  • NMC instructor evaluates the student’s learning based on the student’s course objective, course work, and course assessments, and if necessary an NMC written competency evaluation. If the NMC instructor determines that the student has met the learning outcomes of the articulated course, the instructor will then approve granting credit.
  • Approved articulated credit is added to the student’s transcript as transferred-in credit.

To review which current NMC classes have articulation agreements, look for the articulation agreement links at the bottom of the main page for each NMC academic program, or go to NMC's Articulation Agreements page.