Certification Credits

Certification Credits allow students to receive course credit for certifications in specific, identified areas as recommended and approved by full-time faculty members in discipline areas which have been pre-approved.

The procedure for students to receive credit is:

  • The student will present the certificate to the lead instructor in the educational area appropriate to validate the timeliness and authentication of the certificate earned. See below.
  • See the Registrar in the Registration office to have the appropriate form completed for application of credits for certifications.
  • The Registrar will send the form to the lead instructor.
  • The instructor will complete the form with the name of the course and credits, and return the form to the Registrar in the Records and Registration office.
  • The Registrar will record the credits on the official transcript and mail results to the student.
  • Credits will be recorded as transfer-in credits. No grade will be assigned.

Approved Certifications


Equivalent Credits

A+ certification

CIT 156 and CIT 157

Cisco CCNA

CIT 160, CIT 161, CIT 260, CIT 261


CIT 256

Microsoft 70-742

CIT 247

Microsoft 70-740

CIT 215

Microsoft 70-741

CIT 246


CIT 243


CIT 213


CIT 240


CUL 110

The certificate must be the current industry certification covered by the materials in the NMC courses at the time credit is requested. Credit must be requested within two years of completion of the certificate.

Application must be signed by the lead instructor »