Competency Assessment for Credit

Northwestern Michigan College may grant course credit for students enrolled in academic coursework who feel they have acquired knowledge equivalent to college credit through work, experience or prior knowledge.


  • Students may inquire about competency assessment through the appropriate academic department.
  • The student will be required to meet with an instructor within the proper discipline to determine if Competency Assessment is available for the requested course.
  • If competency credit is an option, and the student decides to pursue the competency assessment, the instructor and Academic Chair will conduct an assessment of the request.
  • After the assessment is complete, the instructor will provide a S or U for the course and return the Competency Assessment form to the Registrar to record the credit. Both the instructor and the Academic Chair will sign the form.
  • All qualified grades (S) will be recorded on the student's permanent record as Competency Assessment credit.
  • Competency Assessment credits do not count towards the required 15 NMC credits for graduation.
  • Retakes are not expected or encouraged. However, to qualify for a retake, a student must demonstrate that he/she acquired the skills needed for competency and justify why a retake would be appropriate. The justification should include evidence of additional course work, professional seminars, or work experience and must be approved by the Academic Chair and/or lead/contact instructor for the course. Only one retake may be allowed.

Discipline Responsibilities

  • The lead/contact instructor will determine if Competency Assessment is available for individual courses. The assessment will include proof of satisfactory completion of comprehensive objectives for the course.
  • The occupational discipline determines the minimum acceptable standard.
  • Each discipline has the option of limiting the number of credits which may be applied through Competency Assessment.