Find Housing Off Campus

Living in the NMC Residence Halls is always your best choice as these halls are close in proximity to classes, eliminate your need for transportation to/from class, and provide a safe and healthy living environment free from the stresses of finding and renting an apartment of your own.

Should you desire to live off campus, be sure to carefully research rental or lease agreements, know your rights as a renter, and access resources for renters.

Picking out a new Place

If you have spent time living in the NMC Residence Halls, it could be that moving off campus seems like an exciting opportunity. You have a few questions to ask yourself before you begin searching for a place to live off campus:

  • Will you rent your apartment or house alone or with a roommate?
    Remember that off campus housing rates can vary widely and you can expect to pay $400-$800 for a 1-bedroom unit and $500-$1,000 for a 2-bedroom or larger unit.
  • Do you have reliable transportation to and from campus?
    Making your way to campus can be a challenge if you do not own a car of your own. Be sure to factor in travel time and whether you will be walking, biking, or riding the local BATA bus throughout Traverse City’s four seasons.
  • Do you have furniture and kitchen supplies to furnish your apartment off campus?
    If not, this will be an added expense for you. Be sure to budget accordingly and plan for how you might deliver your furniture to your new apartment.
  • Will you have sufficient funds to pay for your NMC tuition and fees as well as monthly rent?
    Plan your budget accordingly and don’t forget to factor in costs for utilities (Internet access, heating/cooling, water, electricity, natural gas, and garbage collection).

Searching for Off-Campus Housing

Most students choose to begin their search for off campus housing online or through postings found on campus on community bulletin boards. Here are some things to keep in mind as you begin your search:

  • Distance from campus
  • Proximity of bus stops or parking
  • Cost per month
  • Age restrictions
  • Cost of utilities or inclusion of utilities in monthly rent
  • Reviews by former tenants
  • Availability of photos of the apartment online

Below is a list of websites students have used in the past to look for apartments or houses to rent. Please note that NMC does not endorse, verify or otherwise condone rental from any of these agencies/organizations.