Apprenticeship is a combination of working and learning to put you on track to a great career.

There are many apprenticeship opportunities available in a variety of industries. Apprenticeship application procedures vary for different industries and employers. Review the resources below and contact Northwestern Michigan College’s Apprenticeship Coordinator to get started on finding what’s right for you.


What does a student need to do?

  1. If you have never been an NMC student before, go to the Admissions Office in the Administration Building to be admitted to Northwestern Michigan College, or apply online.
  2. Contact Experiential Learning Program Coordinator Amy Burns Bailey.

Participating Employer

Streamline your apprenticeship launch by joining the NMC apprenticeship program as a participating employer.

Every DOL Registered Apprenticeship has a single organization that is responsible for its successful implementation. This organization is called the program sponsor, and holds the standards to that program. Employers and labor unions typically hold the standards for their apprenticeship programs; however, third-party organizations like colleges, workforce development agencies, etc., called intermediaries can sponsor programs on behalf of employers they work with.

NMC is here to help make apprenticeship work for you by sponsoring your apprenticeship program! To join NMC’s program:

  1. Get in touch with our Apprenticeship Coordinator, Amy Burns Bailey, at;
  2. Identify occupation(s) of interest and RTI provider(s) of choice;
  3. Review and adjust sample Work Process and RTI;
  4. Review and agree to program standards and processes; and
  5. Sign and launch.

Apprenticeships are arranged between the student, Experiential Learning Program Coordinator and Cooperative Employer, and can be arranged before or during the first half of any semester.

Custom Curriculums to Fit Employer Needs

Northwestern Michigan College is a recognized related technical instruction (RTI) provider. This allows NMC to provide the needed courses and training to supplement the apprentice’s on-the-job training. We can help develop a fully customized program to meet your training needs and fulfills any national standards.

RTI Opportunities in:

  • Electrical
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Engineering Technology
  • Electro-Mechanical
  • Industrial Controls
  • Welding
  • And more!

Download the flier to learn more


Have you already completed an apprenticeship and are looking to continue your education?

There are opportunities for credit prior apprenticeship learning. Please contact the Experiential Learning Program Coordinator to discuss evaluating your experience.

Apprenticeship Resources:


If you have questions during any stage of the process, or during your apprenticeship, contact:

Amy Burns Bailey
Experiential Learning Program Coordinator
Business & Technical Division
(231) 995-2211
104 Parsons-Stulen
Aero Park Campus (#9 on the Aero Park Campus Map)
2600 Aero Park Dr.
Traverse City, MI

Looking for additional opportunities?

Learn more about internships!

Resources & Events:

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National Apprenticeship Week will be celebrated November 13-19, 2023.  NMC will name the Apprentice of the Year and have other celebrations throughout the week to recognize the apprentices at NMC.

Learn more about the 9th National Apprenticeship Week!