Internships at NMC are an opportunity for students to explore career or interest areas, apply classroom theory to a real situation, and gain practical experience for resume building. The internship experience is guided through learning outcomes which build on previous coursework allowing learning to become integrated in a professional setting.

Business and Technical Division internships are a one-time, one-semester work experience.

Internships offer students the opportunity to:

  1. Gain academic credits towards a degree.
  2. Gain knowledge and exposure to specific areas of work-related skills.
  3. Gain experience to build and strengthen your resume.
  4. Develop a professional network.

Internships are arranged between the student, Experiential Learning Program Coordinator and Cooperative Sponsor, and can be arranged before or during the first half of any semester.

Internship Resources:

Internship Instructions

The student is responsible for filling out the Internship Learning Agreement form in collaboration with the Experiential Learning Program Coordinator and the Cooperative Sponsor.

Student Responsibilities:

  1. Contact the Experiential Learning Program Coordinator.
  2. Determine the project in relationship to class material, desired experience and learning objectives.
  3. Fill out the Internship Learning Agreement form in consultation with the Experiential Learning Program Coordinator and Cooperative Sponsor.
  4. Obtain signatures as required on the Internship Learning Agreement form.
  5. Send completed Internship Learning Agreement form to
  6. You will be contacted when your form is available for pickup. A copy of the contract, along with a participation appreciation letter, will be emailed to the cooperative sponsor.

(If you have never been an NMC student before, go to the Admissions Office in the Administration Building to be admitted to Northwestern Michigan College, or apply online.)

If you have questions during any stage of the process, or during your internship, contact:

Amy Burns Bailey
Experiential Learning Program Coordinator
Business & Technical Division
(231) 995-2211
104 Parsons-Stulen
Aero Park Campus (#9 on the Aero Park Campus map)
2600 Aero Park Dr.
Traverse City, MI

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