Service-Learning Internships

Service-Learning Internship is a nationwide initiative to incorporate a sense of civic responsibility in America's students. It's volunteerism with a learning twist, which is centered on the benefits that students receive while providing services to their community and their college. It is an opportunity for students to explore career or interest areas, apply classroom theory to a real situation, and gain practical experience for resume building.

Service-Learning Internship projects offer community college students the opportunity to:

  1. Gain academic credits towards a degree.
  2. Gain extra credit for a specific class or grades for hands-on learning.
  3. Gain knowledge and exposure to specific areas of work-related skills.
  4. Provide documentation of volunteer hours required by some schools as prerequisite for graduation or as entry into specific programs.

Each of these allows the student to learn while providing a service to the community or to the college.

Internships are arranged between the student, supervising faculty and field supervisor, and can be arranged before or during the first half of any semester.

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