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Whether you’re looking to fill a program requirement or wish to concentrate in a specific social science area so that you may transfer to a four-year institution, you’ll find what you need here. NMC offers Early Childhood Education and Law Enforcement programs, a Teacher Academy partnership and Service Learning Internships. Career Exploration and Planning is also offered for students undecided about a career path.

You may wish to pursue a two-year Associate in Science and Arts degree with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. This degree opens many doors to you as an education professional in the field of Early Childhood, or could be a stepping stone to transfer programs.

In addition, NMC partners with Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District and the Career Tech Center with agreements that allow high school students dual-enrollment in certain courses. Students interested in the teaching field can receive up to six credits for elementary and secondary education through the completion of the TBAISD Teacher Academy Program. Dual-enrolled Career Tech students in the Early Childhood Education Program may receive up to six credits toward a certificate or degree in Early Childhood Education.

If your interest lies in law and serving the community, you’ll want to consider NMC’s Law Enforcement program, which prepares students to become law enforcement officers while earning a two-year degree.

No matter the area of study, Service Learning projects offer you the opportunity to explore careers and build work-related skills through hands-on learning. At the same time, you are providing important volunteer services to the community.

Degrees Available

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
Associate in Science and Arts (ASA)
Certificate of Achievement

Occupational Specialty Programs

Early Childhood Education and Care - Infant/Toddler (Certificate Level I)
Early Childhood Education and Care - Preschool (Certificate Level I)
Early Childhood Education and Care (Certificate Level II)
Early Childhood Education and Care (AAS)
Law Enforcement (AAS)

Transfer Opportunities

Early Childhood Education 
Criminal Justice
Political Science
Social Work

Online & Other Learning Options

ASA degree - Depending on the transfer college requirements, many required courses can be taken online.
Criminal Justice program (ASA degree)

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