Internship Instructions

The student is responsible for filling out the Internship Learning Contract form in cooperation with the faculty supervisor and the field supervisor.

The student should:

  1. Contact the course instructor.
  2. Determine the project in relationship to class material, desired experience and learning objectives.
  3. Contact the Social Science office for an internship packet.
  4. Fill out the Internship Learning Contract Form in consultation with your faculty sponsor and field supervisor.
  5. Obtain signatures as required on the Internship Learning Contract form.
  6. Take the completed Internship Learning Contract form to the Social Sciences office in Scholars Hall.
  7. Service Learning Contracts will be available for pickup approximately three days after they have been turned in to the Social Science office. A copy of the contract, along with a participation appreciation letter, will be mailed to the field supervisor.

(If you have never been an NMC student before, go to the Admissions Office in the Administration Building to be admitted to Northwestern Michigan College.)

If you have questions during any stage of the above process, or during your internship, contact the social science office.

(231) 995-1290

Confidentiality Statement

In the course of your internship at Northwestern Michigan College, or in the Grand Traverse area you may learn confidential information about students, staff, or citizens. You are expected to keep this information confidential in any setting inside or outside the college (unless written permission is given), just as you wish your own privacy rights to be respected. However, if you learn of an intent to harm someone or commit suicide, there is a legal obligation to share such information.