Adjunct Faculty Excellence Award

About the award

Created in 1999 as a companion to the Imogene Wise Faculty Excellence Award. Chosen by a student selection committee, award criteria includes teaching excellence, rapport with students, innovation in the classroom and a sense of dedication.

Past recipients

  • 2017: Robert George
  • 2016: Jim Bensley
  • 2015: Brian Heffner
  • 2014: Julie Puckett
  • 2013: Jim Szczechowski
  • 2012: John Biolchini
  • 2011: Mark Holley
  • 2010: Lisa Blackford
  • 2009: Gary Sanborn
  • 2008: Stephen Lockman
  • 2007: Jason Teichman
  • 2006: Karl Sporck
  • 2005: Peter Baumeler
  • 2004: Ted Reese
  • 2003: Jerry Gates
  • 2002: Jerry Dobek
  • 2001: Regis McCord
  • 2000: Susan Odgers
  • 1999: Gregory LaCross

2018 Recipient:

Julia Sheerin

NMC instructor Julia SheerinSheerin began her career in 2004. In their nominations students said of her:

  • “The instructor helps students care about the material she teaches by expressing her passion about the subject as well as showing her love for her students. She truly is an amazing teacher.”
  • “The instructor always makes the class interesting with facts and stories that connect to the subject. The instructor knows how to entertain the class as well as create a strong learning environment.”
  • “The instructor does not focus on a single learning style, but includes all of them into the material so that students are able to learn it, as well as learn how to handle different studying strategies.”

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