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About the Award

NMC is one of more than 700 community college members of NISOD, the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development. Affiliated with the University of Texas at Austin, NISOD has made the teaching excellence awards to faculty at member institutions since 1989. Nominees are judged on criteria including commitment to learning, professionalism and relationships with both students and colleagues.

2015 Award Winners

Three NMC faculty and staff members won NISOD awards in 2015: science/math instructors Blake Key and Jerry Compton, and business instructor Steve Rice.

Blake Key joined the faculty in 2002 after two years as an adjunct. He was commended for both his classroom instruction, the connections he makes with his student, and his leadership at NMC.

Before joining NMC as an adjunct faculty member in 2005, Jerry Compton taught chemistry at Oakland University for several years. He became a full time faculty member at Oakland University after 5 years as an adjunct member.

Steve Rice joined the faculty in 2013. He was noted for highlighting issues concerning the human nature of learning, "What it means to be human," and the priority such realities have in the distinctiveness of NMC as a community college as well as the role of faculty in student's lives.

2015 Recipient Statements

NMC science and math instructor Blake Key, a 2015 NISOD award winnerBlake Key

"One of the things I try to do is connect with my students. I think by making a 'connection' with my students, I seem more approachable and caring, while reducing some of the anxiety and stress that they may feel about the subject, ultimately, resulting in their success."

NMC science and math instructor Jerry Compton, a 2015 NISOD award winnerJerry Compton

"Students can and do succeed in General Chemistry, or in any other course, without being engrossed in the subject matter. Academic success is more likely if a student wants to learn because of piqued interest. The best way to accomplish this is to make the topics relevant to their life experiences."

NMC business instructor Steve Rice, a 2015 NISOD award winnerSteve Rice

"Education is a sacred trust. It involves the intentional watering of the seeds of true self, found inside each person, in order to draw out or “harvest” the glory of their life for the benefit of others. It’s not to be taken lightly, for we are dealing with eternity here."


  • 2014: Judy Chu, Janet Lively, Megan Ward, Mella McCormick, Nicholas Roster
  • 2013: Sue DeCamillis, Nancy Gray, Kristen Salathiel
  • 2012: Diane Owens, Kathryn Fischer
  • 2010-2011: Stephen Siciliano, Diane Emling, Garyn Roberts, Jane Zlojutro, Linda Rea
  • 2009: Doug Domine, Jeff Straw
  • 2008: Mary Jo Elliott, Keith Overbaugh
  • 2007: Scott Goethals, Bob Rodriguez
  • 2006: Tamella Livengood, Mark Nelson
  • 2005: Stephen Drake, Deirdre Mahoney, Mark Puchala
  • 2003: Caroline Schaefer, Anne Patrick
  • 2002: Tom Auch, Margery Taylor
  • 2001: Michael Emerson, Sherry Howard, Connie Jason, Michael Torre, Linda Walter
  • 2000: Alison Collins, Diane Emling, Tom Gordon, Jim Press, Mary Quinn, Laura Schmidt, Jackie Shinners, Jim Valovick
  • 1999: Lynne Harris, Gary Klotzbach, Ken Marek, Marty Trapp
  • 1998: Joan Berg, Ann Cook, Jill Hinds
  • 1997: Claudia Bailey, Laurie Chesley, William Faulk, Bronwyn Jones, Jean Rokos, Barbara Tatarchuk
  • 1996: Jim Coughlin, Dianne Keelan, Gordon Niemi, Bruce Mann
  • 1995: Richard Cookman, Robert Dederichs, Lucy House, Keith Kelly, Regis McCord, Megan Roberts, Ken Rose, David Terrell
  • 1994: Linda Anderson, Karen Howie, Debra Pharo, Don Rodriguez, Marty Trapp
  • 1993: Sallie Donovan, Kathleen Duncan, Adam Gahn, Bronwyn Jones, Mary Ann Linsell Mary Norris, Robert Rudd, Mary Vanderkolk
  • Prior to 1993: Adam Gahn, Mickey Grooters
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